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Lure blackfish tips
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In summer, the water temperature rises, the consumption of blackfish doubles, and it is particularly greedy. It is a good time for fishing blackfish. As long as the fishing method is correct, there is no problem with fishing big fish.


And the annual season from May to July is the breeding season of blackfish. The release is the theme of lure fishing. If it is not necessary, please release it as soon as possible after catching it.

1. Fishing group: The matching of the fishing group is reasonable, and it can ensure accurate costing in the range of 30-40 meters; the blackfish does not have such a large force, and the weight of the general bait can be between 10-30 grams.

2. Lei frog: should not be too big, too big, the field often has a lot of mouths, the probability of the fish is small, the main reason is that the bait is too large, plus the impact of the water in the obstacle area, greatly reducing the attack of the blackfish Sex, the attack cannot be accurately entered.

3. Black area: To a strange fishing ground, the first choice is the large-scale tiled water surface such as duckweed and wild leaf. Pay special attention to the combination of water grass areas and light water areas such as duckweed and wild leaf. There is a small grass hole scattered in the water grass area, these areas are the most hidden hiding places of blackfish, and they are also the best hunting ground.

4. Observation: Pay special attention to the slight fluctuations of water and water plants in the aquatic grass area. It is very likely that there are blackfish hidden under the action. Pay special attention to the sound of the water surface, there is a short and low "squeaky" sound, which is its predation under the water grass; and some may be the sound of their breathing, to determine whether there are blackfish in this area.

5. Water-grass joint: throwing the thunder frog into the first preferred area, which is also the highest place in the fish rate - the water-grass joint, probably in the light water 1-2 meters, the water grass area 1-2 meters, fine Teasing, very easy to fish. It is also the highest rate of my blackfish in the 5 days.

6. Caodong District: Throwing the thunder frog into the second area, that is, there are a series of grassy areas for fine teasing, and will also receive unexpected results.

7. Repeated teasing: When the bait is thrown and pulled, if there is an abnormal situation on the water surface, such as the water shadow of the fish, the slight grazing, but not in the middle, the bait is here as long as possible. Teasing, or clicking repeatedly here. At this time, the precision requirements for throwing are relativelyhigh, and the sound of entering the water should not be too large. The water inlet point should be slightly jumped into the front of the punctuation area for about 2 or 3 meters. At this time, it is very likely that the blackfish will be attacked one after another. At this time, you must prepare for the Chinese fish.

8. Find: If there is no fruit after running a fish at a point, you should change it for another time. After waiting for the time to click on the original punctuation, the blackfish is likely to return to the venue and increase the chance of the fish.

9. Quiet: The fishing ground pays attention to the quiet, and it must be hidden. Sometimes the nearshore area of the aquatic plants is also hidden in the dark, maybe it will surprise you when 


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